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Shop Small Greene Scavenger Hunt Returns! 

Scavenger Hunts to be Released on November 20th

How it Works

  1. Pick Up Your Scavenger Hunt Sheet: As you start your shopping adventure, be sure to pick up your scavenger hunt sheet at your first stop. You can usually find these sheets at the register of each stop!

  2. Stamp and Shop: Now the real adventure begins! With your scavenger hunt sheet in hand, start exploring the participating establishments. After making a purchase at one of these stores, be sure to get your sheet stamped. The number of stamps you collect can increase your chances of winning, so don't be shy about exploring as many stores as possible.

  3. Shop 'Til You Drop: The best part of the scavenger hunt is that you get to explore a wide range of local businesses, from cozy boutiques to specialty stores, and find unique items along the way. It's an opportunity to connect with local shop owners and experience the charm of Greene County's small businesses.

  4. Turn in Your Sheet for Prizes: At the end of your shopping spree, gather all the stamps on your scavenger hunt sheet. Then, head to your last stop of the day, where you can turn in your completed sheet. This is your golden ticket to a chance at winning some awesome prizes!

The Prizes

The prizes for the are a mix of surprises, just like the hunt itself. Local businesses generously contribute a prize, which might include gift cards, exclusive products, or special discounts for future purchases. It's not only a fun adventure but also an opportunity to take home some exciting rewards for your day of shopping. Each stamp will enter you in to that shop's door prize drawing! 

Prize drawing will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 29th. Winners will return to their respective store to receive their prize.

Participating Stores/Restaurants

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