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Leadership Greene County

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Leadership Greene County is a personal program designed to motivate participants to develop and enhance the quality of their leadership skills, and use those skills in their everyday lives and work situations.

Participants in the program represent a cross-section of Greene County and are selected by a committee on the basis of their potential or demonstrated leadership abilities and their commitment to school and community.  Interaction with this diverse group stimulates and challenges each member.  

Greene County Youth Leadership

Greene County Youth Leadership is a personal program designed to motivate high school upperclassmen to develop and enhance the quality of their leadership, and implementing those qualities into their lives and school situations.

The purpose of the Greene County Youth Leadership Program is to:

  1. Identify potential and future leaders in life, school, and the community and help them prepare for leadership roles in their community 

  2. Provide these future leaders with a practical and comprehensive understanding of major issues and opportunities facing the Greene County area

  3. Improve the communication network among leaders from different backgrounds and interests

  4. Create a forum for persons of demonstrated commitment to the community to meet and exchange ideas

  5. Stimulate increased student leadership participation and commitment in the community

Greene County Youth Council

The mission statement of the Greene County Youth Council is to nurture high school students in an interactive environment providing skills they can take back to their schools and implement in daily activities, helping them to become effective leaders in the community.

The Greene County Youth Council is a program of the Greene County Partnership and is funded by a $50 membership fee and sponsorships. The council is a community service-oriented group consisting of high school students from all five high schools, grades 9-12, who are dedicated to the all-around improvement of Greeneville and Greene County.  The program runs August through May.  



The Agribusiness Committee of the Greene County Partnership promotes agriculture in the area and is composed of individuals representing agriculture, businesses and state offices, as well as dairy and beef farmers.  The committee hosts various events each year that focus on promotion of farmers and agriculture. 

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