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Membership Directory

Browse through our membership directory to get a sense for the business community in Greeneville/Greene County.

You can either "flip through" a copy of our interactive membership directory, or you can look through our membership listings here on our website, using the directory below.

Online Membership Directory

Greene County 9-1-1+

Contact Name Jerry Bird
Address 111 Union St.
Greeneville, TN 37743
Telephone 638-8663

Greene County Board of Education+

Contact Name David McLain
Address 910 W. Summer St.
Greeneville, TN 37743
Telephone 639-4194
Fax 639-1615

Greene County Department of Health+

Contact Name Cathy Osborne
Address 810 W. Church St.
P.O. Box 159
Greeneville, TN 37744-0159
Telephone 798-1749
Fax 798-1755

Greene County Drug Store+

Contact Name Benji Cox
Address 906 Tusculum Blvd.
Greeneville, TN 37745
Telephone 638-7101
Fax 638-9105

Greene County Fair Association+

Contact Name Rick Clark
Address P.O. Box 582
Greeneville, TN 37744
Telephone 278-3282

Greene County Farm Bureau+

Contact Name Trey Youngblood
Address P. O. Box 38
Greeneville, TN 37744-0038
Telephone 639-7212
Fax 639-7215

Greene County Farm Bureau+

Contact Name Eric Shipley
Address 195 Tusculum Bypass
Greeneville, TN 37745
Telephone 423-639-2305
Fax 423-639-8303

Greene County Habitat for Humanity+

Contact Name Vicki Culbertson
Address P.O. Box 1824
Greeneville, TN 37744-1824
Telephone 638-3838

Greene County Imagination Library+

Contact Name Ruth Burkey
Address P.O. Box 2922
Greeneville, TN 37744
Telephone 423-329-0466

Greene County Partnership Foundation+

Address 115 Academy Street
Greeneville, TN 37743
Telephone 638-4111
Fax 638-5345

Greene County Recovery Court+

Contact Name Samantha Venerable
Address 217 South College Street
Greeneville, TN 37743
Telephone 823-8593
Fax 798-6104

Greene County Skills, Inc.+

Contact Name Jimmy Gillen
Address 130 Bob Smith Blvd.
Greeneville, TN 37745
Telephone 639-5351

Greene County Title Company+

Contact Name Susan Lamson
Address 518 Tusculum Blvd.
Greeneville, TN 37745
Telephone 639-0683
Fax 639-9563

Greene County Veterinary Medical Center+

Contact Name Doug Woolsey
Address 247 Baileyton Rd.
Greeneville, TN 37745
Telephone 639-1621

Greene County YMCA+

Contact Name Mike Hollowell
Address 404 Y Street
Greeneville, TN 37745
Telephone 639-6107
Fax 639-7978

Greene LEAF+

Contact Name Suzanne Richey
Address P.O. Box 1253
Greeneville, TN 37744
Telephone 423-823-0732

Greene Technology Center+

Contact Name Randy Wells
Address 1121 Hal Henard Rd.
Greeneville, TN 37743
Telephone 639-0171
Fax 639-0176

Greeneville Beverage+

Contact Name Melinda Stewart Hickerson
Address 812 Tusculum Blvd.
Greeneville, TN 37745
Telephone 639-9431
Fax 638-1423

Greeneville City Schools+

Contact Name Steve Starnes
Address 129 W. Depot St.
P. O. Box 1420
Greeneville, TN 37744-1420
Telephone 787-8000
Fax 638-2540

Greeneville City Schools Education Foundation+

Contact Name Amanda Waddell
Address P.O. Box 1420
129 W. Depot Street
Greeneville, TN 37744
Telephone 823-0001

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