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Greene County Youth Leadership

Greene County Youth Leadership is a personal program designed to motivate high school upperclassmen to develop and enhance the quality of their leadership, and implementing those qualities into their lives and school situations.

The purpose of the Greene County Youth Leadership Program is to:

  1. Identify potential and future leaders in life, school, and the community and help them prepare for leadership roles in their community  
  2. Provide these future leaders with a practical and comprehensive understanding of major issues and opportunities facing the Greene County area      
  3. Improve the communication network among leaders from different backgrounds and interests
  4. Create a forum for persons of demonstrated commitment to the community to meet and exchange ideas
  5. Stimulate increased student leadership participation and commitment in the community 

The participants in the program are high school upperclassmen representing all five area high schools.  Selection is based on potential or demonstrated leadership abilities, academic excellence, and commitment to school and community.  Interaction with this diverse group stimulates and challenges each member. 


The Greene County Youth Leadership Program begins in August with a day-long retreat and continues through May. Participants are exposed to a variety of viewpoints that illustrate the economic, political, educational, and social factors at work in Greene County. They meet with area leaders in business, media, government, education, and service organizations. In addition, participants receive training in leadership effectiveness and human behavior.

Leadership Greene County participants travel to Tennessee's State Capitol to experience our state government in action at the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee.

In order to participate in the program, the students must attend the day-long retreat, which features team-building exercises and peer-bonding, as well as leadership skills training. The meeting dates are scheduled by all five high school principals in coordination with the city and county schools systems’ calendars.  All scheduled events in this program are school-sponsored activities and are considered excused absences. Students are urged to check with their teachers prior to these meeting dates for class and homework assignments that may be missed.

Participants must make a commitment to the program. Attendance at the retreat and each monthly session, are prerequisites for graduation certification. Participants will be allowed to miss one (1) full-day session or two (2) half-day sessions due to illness or a death in the family. Students missing more than one (1) full session or two (2) half-day sessions will be dismissed from the program and fees are non-refundable. An absence due to a school event/program will be considered excused. An absence due to a test at school is not considered excused. If students are taking dual enrollment classes at Walters State, they are expected to meet up with the group either before or after that class, depending on the schedule.

Since the graduates of the Greene County Youth Leadership Program possess a unique understanding and appreciation of the inner workings of our community, they will be excellent future candidates to serve on local boards, committees and task forces.


Tuition is $50 per participant, and it is non-refundable. This cost includes opening retreat, leadership notebooks and materials, Nashville trip, speakers, meals, travel and program shirt.

Applications for the 2021-2022 class are now available and are due April 15.  Click here for an application.  

2020-21 Schedule

Date Activity
September 26 Agriculture Day
October 24 Heritage Day
January 2021 Social Services Zoom
February  Government Zoom
March 6 Leadership Training & Skills Day
April  Graduation- 5:30 p.m. 

Greene County Youth Leadership Class of 2020-2021

Download the 2020-2021 Youth Leadership roster