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44 Bonnie Henry Jewelry made from vintage broken china
45 A   Wendy Ritchey Art-Fine art oil painting
45 Barbara Cara Pottery
24 John Johnson Wood craft
36, 37 Ken Weems Irises
31 Hui Malkowski Natural fresh-water pearl jewelry.  Pearls are raised from family pearl farm
20 Lisa & Ronald Lambert Hairbows Galore
21 Lisa & Ronald Lambert Create-A-Candle
9 Darlene Srigley Embroidered hooded towels, kitchen towels, reading pillows, tooth fairy pillows, quilted table runners
38 Gene Russell Cut coin jewelry
41 Jim Harrell Intarsia woodworking
28 A David King/Datil Sensation Hot sauce/salsa
32 Patty Ingram/Toadily Candles & Soaps Candles, soaps, beard oil & balm, bath bombs, scrubs, lotions
22,23 Bobby Gosnell Iris bulbs
27 Grace Viola-Pearson/Made for Your Soul Custom made terrariums and kokedamas
6,7 Dana Carter/Soaring Sparrow Handcrafted jewelry & dreamcatchers, copper electro-formed and rare aged beaded jewerly
50 William Morrison/Silly Willy Caricatures Hand drawn cartoon portraits, caricatures
25 Deborah Mann/My Mountain Flower Handmade natural soaps, lotion bars, lip balms and polymer clay jewelry
16 Christina Lewis/Angela Taylor Craft
26 James Bible/W&J Scents Handpoured candles, wax melts, charcoal incense, country decor
33,34,35 Donna Cornett/Just Herbs Blend & bottle culinary spices, salt free blends, dips and teas.  Make vinegars and jelly
54 Eliza Coral Animal paintings, prints and notecards, hand-painted pendants
15 Donna Hansen/Kissing Kuzins Kandles Candles, tarts, room sprays and primitive dolls
18 Dennis Stubbs/Evergreene Woodcarver's Wood carving, information
30 Kim Johnson/Stuffed Stuff Fabric, primitive handmade items, snowpeople, santa, rabbits, dolls
55 Barbara Cannon Dog rags, aprons, pot holders, oven mitts, wood crosses, flags and birdhouses/feeders, embroidery towels
28 Jessica Humphreys/Buffalo Creek Farm Paintings on slate, wood, textiles, pyrography, soap, lotions, candles, dry dip & seasonings, food mixes, bath products
Crime Lab parking lot Jason Leftwich Kids' games
51 Jessie Biggs/Thistle & Lark Handmade jewelry & accessories
53 Teresa Bishop/Carolyn & Lee Chandlers Hand poured soy candles presented in a variety of glass containers
11 Wendi Nelson/Soul Shine Garden Creations Exotic airplants, concrete garden decor
5 Abby Shedden/Cotton Blossom Decor Wreaths, tobacco baskets, farmhouse home decor
10 Jennifer Bolden/The Black Mountain Artisan Handmade soaps, lotions, bath and body items
43 Danny Wilde/Glass Bottle Night Lights Recycled glass bottle night lights
3 Lisa Hook & Jennifer Austin/Gypsy Woman Handmade jewelry, shabby chic decor & crocheted animals
17 Bonnie & Lynn Hartman Paintings & prints
52 Melanie McClellan Baby quilts, doll dresses
47,48 Lachel Britt/Britt's Leather Sales Handcrafted leather belts, buckles, wallets, armband, purses
42 Linda Brown Handmade candles
168 Erica Freeman Pottery-Functional
4 Kristy Riley/Blue Daisy Vinyl Leather earrings and hair bows
56 Barbara Grizzel Quilts, plastic bag holders, Diamond paintings, jewelry, gift package, etc.
19 Jody & John Dixon Handmade resin/acrylic art, jewelry and coasters
57 Belle Overby/Foggy Mountain Leather Handmade leather goods-Belts, wallets, earrings, journals, totes, key fobs
106 Moe Bonin Spoon jewelry
14 Chris Jones Gourd art-bird houses, bowls-Jacho lanterns
8,8A Amanda Hope/Grann's Gourmet Apples Gourmet apples
39,40 Faye Marie Brennan/Greeneville Iris Club Iris
58 Brady Williams Stone jewelry
V VJ's Boutique Snap jewelry, decor, accessories